Winners 2017

Winners 2017 in the Publishing Prize

Winners 2017 of film and web categories.


Winners 2017 of print categories. Both pictures photo Fredrik Stehn.



First the winners of The Publishing Prize Grand Prix are presented, then the category winners, and finally the winners of special prizes.


No student should feel insecure
For a cinematic expression with nice photography and an interesting color scale – good in every way.
ProLounge in collaboration with Karnhuset commissioned by the Swedish Schools Inspectorate.


100 years and beyond
For a clever idea, accessible approach and high-class design – leaves impressions.
Design Office Silver in collaboration with Jung Relations commissioned by ICA.


Volvo Car Group – online annual report 2016
For an educational, living annual report with mood, taste and emotion – a show of strength.
Solberg Communication commissioned by Volvo Car Group.


Films which promote an organization

“The Best Job in the World”
For an airy and lingering film that touches – poetic.
Populate commissioned by Akademiska Sjukhuset.

Films which promote a company

Systembolaget in 77 seconds
For an elegant presentation with a twist – well thought out.
Populate commissioned by Systembolaget AB.

Films which promote products

Work Out
For a neat film with outstanding sound – delightful feeling.
NY Collective JKPG commissioned by Skydda PPE.

Films which promote services

Behind the facade – Kvinnojouren Ellinor
For a well-made film with excellent target group adaptation – stands out.
Markus in collaboration with Gryt Film commissioned by Kvinnojouren Ellinor.

Informational films

United Nations Association of Sweden: Carolina Kluft is fighting for Agenda 2030
For a powerful feeling and first-rate speaker contribution – credible.
ProLounge commissioned by United Nations Association of Sweden.

Films for advocacy

No student should feel insecure
For a brilliant idea and powerful photography – well done.
ProLounge in collaboration with Karnhuset commissioned by the Swedish Schools Inspectorate.

Educational/instructional films

The shark that became viral
For a critical approach and genius animation – timely.
Crisby film together with Viralgranskaren Metro and Natsmarta.


Tourism and travel guides

Gotland 2017
For convincing texts, great images and well-made repro – professional.
Glory Days Media commissioned by Destination Gotland.

Illustrated non-fiction books

Dag Hammarskjold – to carry the world
For classic design in contemporary packaging and a cover indicating good dress sense – well-woven.
Publishing house Max Strom.


For cohesive stories and imaginative illustrations – safe, knowledgeable and curious.

Handbooks and educational books

A handbook about indigo – dyeing & projects
For a passionate approach, fastidious details and functional typography – beautiful and down-to-earth.
Natur & Kultur.

One-off magazines

For clear-cut art direction, well-written texts and high-quality photos – a cannonball.
Spektra Design commissioned by Korpen Stockholm.

Informational print – B2B

Welcome to the next generation
For a well-made photo book with atmosphere and poetic imagery – neat.
Dear Friends commissioned by Serneke Group.

Informational print for the public

Royal Opera 2017.2018
For a dedicated production with unique photos, excellent typography and high intensity color printing – imaginative.
Stockholm Graphics commissioned by the Royal Opera.


Holebrook Lookbook  2017
For pure simplicity, Nordic color tones and fine diptychs – stripped down.
NY Collective JKPG commissioned by Holebrook Sweden.


Mathias Dahlgren: Home economics
For cheerful design, substantial texts and harmonious photos – flip-friendly.
Bonnier Fakta.

Customer magazines – B2B

Holmen Paper
For great design, interesting reading and a nice size – stimulating!
Akesson & Curry commissioned by Holmen Paper.

Customer magazines – consumer

For fun headlines, living portraits and excellent food photography – with personality.
Navii commissioned by Hotorgshallen.

Community magazines

For high quality text, photos, layout and printing – accessible.
Liljedahl Publishing commissioned by Helsingborgs IF.

Membership magazines – industry

For inventive texts, professional photos and excellent printing – confident design.
Chiffer commissioned by Byggkeramikradet.

Membership magazines – home and individual

The Hawser
For well-written texts, great typography and photos that convey the feeling on the spot – solid.
Rubrik commissioned by the Swedish Sea Rescue Society.

Membership magazines – profession

The University Graduate
For committed texts and portraits with presence and playfulness – super.
A4 Text & Form commissioned by The Union for Professionals.

Employee magazines

Stories worth reading, well-made portraits and nice photos – inspirational.
Brand Emotional Response Group commissioned by Utbildningsforvaltningen Stockholms stad.

Coffee table books

We have a dream
Fine craftmanship, moving stories and well-made repro – timely.
Publishing house Max Strom commissioned by We Have A Dream Foundation.


100 years and beyond
For a nice format, enticing reading, excellent printing – superduper.
Design Office Silver in collaboration with Jung Relations commissioned by ICA.

Narratives and stories

Christer Lindarw – This is my life
For a humble story in a glamorous package – brilliant.
Bonnier Publishing Houses in collaboration with Pompe Hedengren and Stockholm Graphics.

Newspaper supplements

The Specialists – Unlimited Travel Group
For a fresh format, captivating texts and perfectly adapted repro – confident.
Alinder Design and Nanoq commissioned by Unlimited Travel Group.

Organizational histories

Our town at Stanga River – Stangastaden during 75 years
For an interesting read with amusing facts and rich visual material – appealing.
Byn Communication Agency commissioned by Stangastaden.

Organizational news magazines

Function in Focus
For neat spreads and portraits with play, mischief and humour – genuine.
Kate Editorial Design commissioned by Habilitering & Halsa, SLSO, Stockholm County Council.

Annual reports – publicly owned companies

Uppsalahem Annual Report 2016
For an innovative cover and happy naive illustrations in a exhilarated color scale – spirited.
Uppsalahem AB.

Annual reports – publicly listed companies

Elanders Annual Report 2016
For a stylish cover idea, consistent use of pictograms and supreme printing – of course.
Elanders in collaboration with Narva.

Annual reports – private sector

Coop Sweden Annual Report 2016
For excellent journalism, very high photographic proficiency and excellent printing – playful.
Vi Media commissioned by KF.

Annual reports – organizations/public sector

Swedish Illustrators Annual Report 2016
For smart and airy form, interesting, well-written texts and fun filled illustrations – with personality.
Swedish Illustrators in collaboration with Spektra.


E-commerce sites

For a modern, thorough site with amazing photos – creates shopping pleasure.
NY Collective JKPG commissioned by Lundhags Skomakarna.

Information sites for the public

Battery Nest
For an effective site with great pictures and nice typography – cocky and amusing.
Welcom commissioned by GP Batteries.

Information sites – studies and career choises

Swedish Armed Forces – our story
For a responsive site with good design, good flow and a clear purpose – fresh!
Make Your Mark commissioned by Swedish Armed Forces.

Information sites – profession and industry

ICA – its history from 1917–2017
For an informative site with a clear structure and animations that enhance the experience – harmonious.
Centre for Business History commissioned by ICA.

Membership sites

Folkets Hus och Parker
For a well-chosen design, a clear message and a good structure – funfair feeling.
Stockholm Graphics and Triggerfish commissioned by Folkets Hus och Parker.

Online magazines and newspapers

Sveriges Natur
For a good magazine feel with fine pictures and accessible sharing features – journalistic.
The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation.

Annual reports – web

Volvo Car Group – online annual report 2016
For an informative site with strong design and moving content – it feels Volvo.
Solberg Communication commissioned by Volvo Car Group.


The Publishing Prize Petit Prix

The shark that became viral (educational/instructional film)
For an interesting, distinct and simple site – well-balanced for the target audience.
Crisby film together with Viralgranskaren Metro and Natsmarta.

The Usability Prize

Study emergency room (information site – studies and career choices)
For a super-usable forum that takes advantage of the web’s possibilities – engaging.
Obviuse commissioned by Mattecentrum.

The Typography Prize

IdealPark (catalogue)
For typography that leaves the beaten track and becomes a work of art in its own right.
Humbly commissioned by IdealPark.


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