Why enter?



Why compete in The Publishing Prize?


There are many reasons to compete in this communication contest. Here are five of them!

1  Fair appraisal …

With 40 different categories to choose from, your entry will be compared with others of a similar type.

2  … and comprehensive

The jury takes into account much more than just the surface appearance. For example text content, use of visual elements, usability and production quality are considered – and for print categories, reprographic and print qualities too.

3  A basis for improvement

All nominated entrants get access to a document showing how the jury has ranked the entries.

4  A mark of quality

Receiving a nomination or a PP statuette is a mark of quality showing that your production has been considered high class. You will get a certificate, and a badge which can be used in your marketing.

5  Opportunity to win The Publishing Prize Grand Prix

The jury will not only select winners within each contest category, but also chooses three entries to receive Grand Prix awards. These will be given to those entries which the jury believes show outstanding quality – the best of the best!



Judging criteria


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