Pride and business value – good reasons to compete

An opportunity to be seen, an acknowledgment of a job well done, a possibility to compete with industry giants. There are many reasons to compete in The Publishing Prize. And the business benefits should not be underestimated either, according to Alinder Design, one of the winners of The Publishing Prize in 2016.

Unlike many design and communication contests, where it is primarily advertising agencies competing against each other, The Publishing Prize is attractive and well-established among several players. Behind the many entries there are certainly a whole series of advertising and communication agencies, but there are also publishers, printers, municipalities, companies and sometimes also small nonprofit organizations.

One of the winners of the 2016 Publishing Prize was the city of Trollhattan, whose film Change reality was entered into the contest by Chief Information Officer Peter Asp. To him, it felt natural to let the film take part in the contest.

– It was a way for us to compare our creativity and ingenuity with others. Winning is proof of us doing good things.

The very possibility to compete with others, both within the public and the private sectors, is of value to a small municipality, he thinks.

– It makes our employees feel extra proud of their work, says Peter Asp.

Size of no importance
One of the smaller players which secured a Prize in 2016 was the design bureau Alinder Design. With Varmdo secondary school at Gullmarsplan they won the Educational syllabus information category.

– The fact that nominees and winners are chosen by a professional and independent jury means that even small agencies like ours have a chance to show that we achieve the same high level as the larger agencies, says Sara Alinder, project manager and graphic designer at Alinder Design.

For a small agency winning is also an important competitive advantage.

– It is a stamp of quality that creates trust. Some clients use the list of winners when they send out inquiries. Winning The Publishing Prize has lead to us having been contacted by new customers, says Sara Alinder.

Appreciated by printers
A large and important group of participants, outside the contest savvy agency world, is printing houses. In 2016 several printers entered and subsequently won in their categories.

One printer who won a category was Strokirk-Landstroms, who competed in collaboration with Mecca Advertising Agency. Their Magazine Segers won the product catalogs category.

– We really appreciate that there is a contest that not only addresses creatives but also producers. The good thing with The Publishing Prize is that it also assesses prepress, paper, finishing and printing, says Maria Elofsson Fogel of Strokirk-Landstroms.


HAPPY ABOUT SUCCESS OF COLLEAGUES   Erik Torstensson, copywriter at Profile Communication, was quick to rise when the announcer revealed that his colleagues had won the informational film category with Change reality. He himself was involved in the magazine Patos, nominated in the Community magazines category. (Photo Stina Stjernkvist)

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