Hello there, Anna Axelson – what’s new in 2017?

Anna Axelson, the competition’s production manager, gives a progress report.
– The biggest piece of news so far is that the Grand Publishing Prize has been renamed as the ‘Publishing Prize Grand Prix’. And starting this year, we will present three Grand Prix awards, one for film, one for web and one for print.

Anything else?
– Things happen all the time. As usual, there will be some new categories and some new members of the jury. A new host for the prize ceremony will take over from Alexandra Pascalidou, who has led the ceremony three times. I won’t reveal who it will be yet, but we’ve chosen a very worthy successor! In another change, we are leaving Musikaliska Concert Hall after three fine years. The new venue will also be in central Stockholm. Keep track of and the newsletter Publishing Prize News.  <<< LINK  There you’ll find regular updates with the latest news.

How would you summarize the 2016 contest?
– 2016 was the year when the agency world really discovered The Publishing Prize. More than half of all entries were made by communication or information agencies. That was something of a surprise for us when we compiled the statistics! And another milestone was the Publishing Prize Petit Prix, a brand new prize, which quite deservedly was awarded Forum Books for Clara Henry’s book about menstruation.

Any trends in the 2016 contest?
– More printing companies chose to submit entries in 2016 than before, and the number of films entering the competition is growing steadily. It is always interesting to observe how the number of entries in different categories vary from year to year. In 2016, for instance, very few cookbooks were entered.

Finally, what’s happening right now in the contest secretariat?
– Lots! We are approaching the most enjoyable time of year when the entries start tumbling in and we get to be in contact with so many incredibly nice people. So right now we are focused on preparing for everything to run as smoothly as possible for the entrants. We have also begun sketching the plans for the prize ceremony in October – exciting stuff that we will get back to.

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