Competition hungry? – Five easy steps to accomplishing an entry

Does it seem complicated to register an entry? It isn’t! 

Here are five easy steps that will put your entry before the jury’s eyes.

1 Who are you? Are you the publisher, a communication or production agency, a consultancy, printer or other media producer? Are you eager to pit your work against other people’s products? If you can answer ‘Yes’, you’ve just taken your first step towards a Publishing Prize trophy!

2 What product should you enter? There are competition categories for film, print and web. Pick your creations of which you are most proud, produced between June 1, 2016 and May 31, 2017. You can submit as many entries as you like. If you compete with products you’ve made on behalf of a client, remember to consult your client about this.

3 Choose a category. The contest has over 30 categories, to make the comparison between entries as fair as possible. Are you unsure which category to choose? Don’t worry, we double-check all entries, and ensure that each entry lands in the category where it fits best.

4 Fill out the online entry form. We need to know the target group and purpose of your production, so give that extra thought before you start on the form.

5 Press send! Once your entry has reached us, we handle the rest. See you!

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