Grand Prix

Jenny Morelli med Stora Publishingpriset 2011 för Fotografisk Tidskrift, Svenska Fotografers Förbunds branschmagasin. Se även 2008 nedan.

Jenny Morelli with The Publishing Prize Grand Prix 2011 for Photographic Journal, Swedish Professional Photographers Association’s magazine. See also 2008 below.

The Publishing Prize Grand Prix through the years

Winners of The Publishing Prize Grand Prix since the start of the contest. The prize is awarded each year to the best of the best.

1990 Broadcast Media
TV4. Ricky Tillblad.

1991 Refuse collection 1991
Vaxjo Municipality. Bosse Lindqwist & Heidi Lindqwist, Lindqwist Production.

1992 Book regulations for the army
Lars-Ove Davidson, Defence Media.

1993 Foaiten Magazine
Peter Hennix, Swedish National Defence Research Institute.

1994–1996 Recess.

1997 S-tinget Magazine
Varmland County Council. Mia Ohlsson & Tin Wegelius.

1998 Letter, word, text – handbook of graphic design
Christer Hellmark, Textura.

1999 Graphic Cookbook
Kaj Johansson, Peter Lundberg & Robert Ryberg, Kapero Graphic Development.

2000 The age of the lion
Jeppe Wikstrom, Publishing house Max Strom in collaboration with Leo form.

2001 Indicator species – indicators of conservation value forests
Johan Nitare, Swedish Forest Agency.

2002 Queen Silvia
Gunilla Widengren Hammarskiold, Ekerlids Publishers, and Helen Sköld, Kingston.

Mats Astrom & Barbro Gustafsson, Norrbotten-Lappland, Karin Klockare Jarlstrom, Annika Fredriksson & Max Piltz, Vinter Advertising Agency, and Martin Spegel & Magdalena Eriksson, Mirror Partner Development.

2004 Agenda Magazine
Ann-Charlotte Hansson, Per Nilsson and Hakan Hermansson, Volvo Car Corporation, in collaboration with Studio Desktop.

2005 Encyclopedia of Swedish flora and fauna – butterflies
Christer Engstrom (editor in chief), Lena Eliasson (designer), Martin Holmer and Karl Jilg (illustrators), Claes U. Eliasson, Nils Ryrholm and Ulf Gardenfors (authors), Species Information Centre, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

2006 Hasse & Tage
Staffan Schoier and Stefan Wermelin (authors), Claes Gustavsson (designer), Ingemar Perup (picture editor), Sara Nystrom (publisher), Susanna Eriksson Lundqvist (editor), Albert Bonniers.

2007 Timeless Sea Rescuer
Swedish Sea Rescue Society in collaboration with Designer Anna Larsson, Anders Wallhed (author), Rolf Westerstrom (CEO), Elisabeth Jansson (marketing) and Magnus Brodd (coordinator), Swedish Sea Rescue Society, Anna Larsson (graphic designer).

2008 Centennium – photography in Sweden, part 1
Swedish Professional Photographers Association, Gosta Flemming (editor), Lars Hall (designer).

2009 SID.
Aller Custom Publishing on behalf of the Pressbyran, Mariette Kristenson, Pressbyran, Jonathan Leman (editor), Anna Olsson (editor) and Johan Lindberg (creative director), Aller Custom Publishing

2010 Perspectives on Gothenburg
Publishing house Max Strom, Peter Claesson (photographer), Kristian Wedel (author), Patric Leo (design), Petra Ashton Inkapool (original), Marcus Erixson (image processing), Jeppe Wikstrom (publisher) and Charlotta Broady (project leader, editor)

2011 Photographic Journal
Swedish Professional Photographers Association in collaboration with Anders Birgersson/Zoo People, Jenny Morelli (editor in chief), Swedish Photographers Professional Association, Anders Birgersson (AD), Zoo People

2011 IKEA Life at home
Futurniture on behalf of IKEA Swedish Sales AB, Nils Larsson (marketing), Christian Braendshoi (project leader), Tina Bjoreman (editorial director) and Anna Pettersson (reporter), IKEA Swedish Sales AB, Dan Grettve (account manager), Philip Arvidson (AD) Anna Lenskog (AD), Hanna Meijer (AD), Jenny Gromark (copywriter), Simon Kallgard (interaction designer), Josefina Mothander (production manager), Sverker Carlsson (project manager), Daniel Storm Dahl (membership manager) and Johanna Riedemar (distribution manager), Futurniture

Le Bureau on behalf of the National Agency for Education, Eva Nilsson (project manager), Johanna Johncke, (production manager), Lina Elfstrand (AD), Hjalmar Delehag (copy), Le Bureau, Ann Charlotte Gunnarson, National Agency for Education. Production Company: B-Reel

2012 Strindberg worlds
Publishing house Max Strom, Jeppe Wikstrom, publisher, Patric Leo, designer, Bjorn Meidal, author, Bengt Wanselius, picture editor

NY Advertising Agency on behalf of Lundhags Skomakarna AB, Bj0rn Ceder, creative director; Henrik Melkner, project manager; Stefan Wennerberg, graphic producer, NY Advertising Agency, Henrik Ottosson, CEO; Sara Wanseth, Marketing; Niclas Sjogren, copywriter, Lundhags Skomakarna AB

2014 Sune Jonsson Bodices
Publishing house Max Strom. Sune Jonsson (photographer), Val Williams (text), Jeppe Wikstrom (publisher), Patric Leo (design, photo selection), Charlotta Broady (editorial), His Dackenberg (editorial), Patric Leo (editorial), Britta Lundgren (editorial) Petra Ahston Inkapool (original), Amelia Stenbeck-Ramel (original).

2015 Vera (film)
South Tower Communication in cooperation with Amphi Production on behalf of the Uppsala County Council. South Tower Communication: Jonas Pertoft (project). Amphi Production: Emma Lundqvist (project), Per Ringqvist (producer), Ylva Gustavsson (director), Karin Aspentrom (screenplay), Carl Rasmussen (photographer). Child protection team at Uppsala University Hospital, Uppsala County Council: Gabriel Otterman (pediatrician, project, facts reviewer), Lena Widing (nurse), Dagmar Lagerberg (expert).

2016 BlankSpot #0
Blank Spot Project: Nils Resare (editor), Martin Schibbye (editor in chief), Brit Stakston (digital strategist). Ronnestam: Johan Ronnestam (concept, idea). Birgersson Production: Anders Birgersson (AD).
The winners straight after the prize ceremony (film with subtitles)
About BlankSpot in English on their site


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