Answers to common questions about The Publishing Prize


What do I do if I don’t know in which category my entry belongs?
Choose the category you think fits best. Should we find that your piece of print/site/film belongs to a different category, we will move it to that category and let you know.

Can you compete with a site that has already competed a previous year?
Yes, because a website is constantly changing and evolving.

We have produced a newspaper/site film in German. Can we compete with that?
No. Entries must be in English or Swedish.

Some time ago I completed the text, image and layout for a piece of print which was never published. Can I compete with that?
No. The piece of print must have been published, ie, duplicated and distributed to a target group.

We are currently preparing a website, which will be open to the public during the summer. Can we compete with that?
No. The site must be accessible to the public no later than 1 June and then throughout the year.

Is it possible to compete with a part of a website?
Yes, provided that it is clearly delineated, for example, an online store that is part of a website. Consult us via anna@publishingprize.org with a link to the intended part if you are unsure.

We want to do the registration now, but the entry itself will not be finished until later. Is that possible?
Yes, please indicate in the registration form the expected date when the entry will be completed, which must be no later than May 31.

Can my brochure/website/film compete in several categories?
No. A specific brochure/website/film can only compete in one category.

Can a newspaper/magazine enter the competition with several issues?
No, a specific newspaper/magazine can only enter the competition with one published issue.

I wonder if it is possible to enter an annual report from the same company in both the Annual reports – web category and, for example, the Annual reports – publicly listed companies category?
Yes, that is possible. A paper version and a digital version are two completely different products. The same applies when a magazine has an online magazine.

In which category do I enter a CSR report?
In the Reports category. See also the category Sustainability reports.

In which category should we enter our sustainability report?
For a print item, enter under the category Sustainability reports. Websites should be entered in the category Annual reports and related reports – web.

Can you compete with a PDF?
No, there is no category for this.It must be either a printed product, a website, or a clearly defined part of a website.

Is it possible to win multiple categories?
A specific website/publication/film can only compete in one category. But it is quite possible for an entrant who is responsible for more than one website/publication/film to win multiple categories.

I want to enter three different products. Do I need to fill out an entry form for each?
No, you don’t – the entry form has space for up to nine entries.

How are the submitted articles assessed?
The jury’s executive committee makes an initial assessment. After that a selection from each category is forwarded to the whole jury, which ranks these entries in the four assessment areas. Within each category the entries with the highest total of points are nominated. Among the nominees, the jury then appoints a winner for each category, and also selects the three winners of the Publishing Prize Grand Prix.

Why do you have no public voting?
Public voting always implies a risk that the entries get points for reasons unrelated to our quality criteria.

How many will be nominated in each category?
Typically between four to nine entries – it depends on such factors as the number of entrants in the category, and the quality of the entries. The average number for 2017 is 6.5 nominees by category.

When will I know if I have been nominated? And if I won?
The nominees are announced in late August on www.publishingprize.org, and in our newsletter Publishing Prize News. Additionally, all nominees will be notified via email. Winners will be announced at the prize ceremony in Stockholm in October.

What if I cannot come to the prize ceremony?
If you win a prize, we’ll send you the statuette and certificate afterwards.

How do you disseminate information about the nominees and winners?
Via press releases to relevant (news) sites, as well as newspapers and specialized publications. Also, nominees and winners will be announced at www.publishingprize.org.


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